Why is Tromso maybe the best place in the world to see Northern Lights?

LATITUDE – The northern light is best seen at a latitude between 68 and 74 degrees north. Tromsø is therefore the ideal location at 69 degrees. Here you often see the light even when the forecast is poor.

CLIMATE – Tromsø is described as the arctic capitol, but the temperature is normally quite pleasant with an average of 5 degrees below zero. Expect a bit colder weather if you go inland. Due to the gulf stream the climate is gentler than the arctic Canada or Alaska.

CITY LIFE – Let´s admit it, Tromsø in the “middle of nowhere”. Non the less you can experience the vibrating city life. It´s possible to book the whole stay in Tromsø because he northern light experience is only a 20 minute ride away.

MOUNTAINS – Tromsø is literally surrounded by high mountains which cause the clouds to dissolve. This meteorological phenomenon increases the probability to witness the aurora borealis. In inland Troms we find some of the places with least rain and snowfall.