10 tips for chasing the northern lights in Tromsø

We will guide you to the best spots to see the northern Lights in Tromsø. Here are some tips when planning your journey.

  1. Stay in Tromsø several days to increase the possibility to see the northern lights.
  2. Book with a company that is willing to drive all the way to Finland when it´s to cloudy near the cost.
  3. Book with a company that provides warm winter suits for extremely low temperatures. At times we have to wait some time – the reward is big!
  4. Book your first possible day here, then you have many options in case it´s needed.
  5. If you arrive before 16:00, you can join northern lights tour on your arrival day
  6. Try to avoid day tours that starts early after you have been chasing the northern lights. Usually, these tours last until late night.
  7. Be realistic – It often takes time to see great northern lights. Nature is not playing by our rules. Set aside enough time to experience clear weather and bright northern lights
  8. NB! Whale tours can be booked on the same day as northern lights tour.
  9. The northern lights can be seen between early September and late March.
  10. Look up!