Arctic Holidays in Tromsø


Join Arctic Explorers world class packages, including search for the northern lights, whale watching, to experience the most popular kind of outdoor trip, with our breathtaking fjords, majestic mountains, frozen lakes, and small fishing villages.


The sea scientists historically have never seen so many whales as in the last years around The Arctic City of Tromsø. The sea sometimes is “boiling” with whales in the clean water around the boat.


Join Arctic Explorers world class search for the northern lights, to see the most fascinating phenomena ever seen by man.


The breathtaking fjord landscapes in the Tromsø region are some of the finest Norway can offer. These are among the wildest and most beautiful nature experiences you can find.


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«Awesome personable service and the most amazing nature show on Earth»

«Excellent.. Life time experience.»

«Had a fantastic time on this tour. The tour guide was amazing and informative. We got to see the northern lights and it was breathtaking. Highly recommend!»

«I would like to praise our guides Julien & Yulina. They were just amazing. Had a great tour watching all the fjords. Beauty was out of the world. Our guides also clicked pictures for us.»

A few common

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How to prepare to see the best Northern Lights?

Northern lights in Tromso can be seen well between appr mid Sept to end of March. Can also be good early Sept and early April.

All months can be very bad, and all months can be very good. Solar activity and coastal weather are both very unpredictable, so you can not plan ahead which dates that will be good.

The most important for you if you want to see good northern lights, is to have enough days in Tromso, waiting for a good day with lights activity and clear skies.

All months have advantages, and all months have disadvantages. We have northern lights in average every second day, so our answer is; have enough days. It does not matter which month you come, as long as you have enough days here.

Do you take pictures on your trips, and send them to the guests?

Yes, we do on all trips, except our boat trips since the guide there often stands behind the guests, to give guests the best photo opportunities.

We have taken countless pictures of the northern lights, so we know how to get the ultimate picture. We also know the nicest spots, so we do all possible to get the best pictures. Some of us are professional photographers, and all of us know how to get the ultimate picture.

We send you the pictures we take on all trips you join us, as soon as possible, and free of charge.

Full moon or new moon when chasing Northern Lights?

Many read online that moonlight is bad for seeing good northern lights. This is a myth, and it is wrong. Most local photographers prefer some moonlight, because mountains, fjord, snow, and the ocean are incredibly beautiful in moonlight.

Our nicest pictures are normally from northern lights trips with half to full moon. Yes, the faintest northern lights gets a bit fainter with a full moon, but the nicest pictures are often taken in full moon.

Choose new moon if you want to see more stars, shooting stars, satellites, and the milky way. Choose moonlight if you also want to capture our world class landscape on your northern lights pictures.