10 reasons for choosing RIB boats for whale watching

  1. 360 degrees free view for all passengers.
  2. Silent engines that make the whales more friendly. Often, we experience the impressing and curious animals as close as 2 meters.
  3. RIB boats are 2-3 times quicker than the big boats. It means less time to travel and more time to observe. We often spend 3 hours around the whales.
  4. On our guided tours we spend 3 hours watching, while big boats spend much more time on transport to the observation points.
  5. Rib boats let you come closer to the ocean and the whales.
  6. You will have a stronger connection to the wildlife. We make sure you won´t miss a single precious moment.
  7. Our RIB boats are located where the whales are, which triple the time we spend together with the whales.
  8. Our maximum capacity is 12 passengers. Therefore, our guiding is much more personal.
  9. You can conversate with our competent skippers at any time.
  10. In short, a spectacular experience.